Welcome to Pioneer Baptist

What to Expect

As a church our mission is to be Celebrating the Greatness of God by Knowing Christ and Making Him Known. Why not come out on Sunday to see if we are the way we say we are! It often feels stressful to go to a new place. With that in mind we want to provide you with a little basic information before your first visit.
What "type" of church are you?
We are a Baptist Church affiliated with The Fellowship nationally and FEB Central regionally.
What do you believe?
That is an important question. Check out our What We Believe page for the answer.
Is there a dress code?
Nope. Wear what you want to wear. We have people in suits and people in shorts.
What is the style of your music?
When should I arrive?
How long is the service?
We aim for a service that is around 1 hour. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
What about my kids?
Your kids will be able to start out with you in the service and then are excused if they wish to a teaching time especially for them.